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Thought I should post in an update. Kyra is 99.9% cured. No more chewing, no more sores, no more hair loss, and nearly all the hair is now back. Two days ago I left her at home unsupervised for 2 hours for the first time. Came back to an excited yet unmarked, and non bloodied sweetie pie! So proud of her, and myself. Currently she has returned to regular doggie kibble as the expensive stuff was doing nothing to help with the problems, and was making her very fat. All she gets now is a bath with regular doggie shampoo every 2 days to get rid of the oily residue left over from the cream. That cream for anyone else who needs help is called Taro-Clobetasol, and is used for yeast infections in adults. Hope this helps somebody facing the same issues as I had.

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