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I took Dagan to the vet on the Monday after I posted. We did some blood work and the vet initially thought he had inflammatory bowel disease or possibly an obstruction. He was prescribed some anti-inflammatory meds and some Pepcid AC along with a bland diet of rice and beef. That went well for the first few days then Dagan wasn't interested in eating again. I called the vet and was going to take him in again but he ended up eating by late evening and continued over the next few days. The blood work came back with not much news other than his white blood cell count was increased which the vet thought maybe he had a food allergy or a parasite. The vet wanted to do an ultrasound to be able to rule out an obstruction and at the same time try to diagnose the IBD by checking for intestinal thickening. I got those results back two days ago and they were also negative. Sooooo now the next thing the vet has suggested because of his initial symptoms is atypical Addisons Disease. I'll be setting up an appointment to do that test and will let everyone know. Currently Dagan's appetite hasn't returned even after the course of anti-inflammatory meds so I am inclined to believe the vets diagnosis. I'm also a little hesitant to keep doing all of these tests if the vet is possibly just making guesses, I don't want these next tests to turn up nothing and keep spending money on the next test to rule out something else it could be.
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