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Dog suddenly limping today

I would be so grateful for any insights into what this might be.

My 9 or 10 year old dog suddenly started limping today. I realized it about half an hour ago, but it could have been from reacting to the mail truck this morning. Either that or something happened when I was out (but there is no bed for her to jump on). It is quite a severe limp. I found a bump on the inside of her leg just under the elbow. About two inches below the elbow (she is a medium/small dog). She does put some weight on it, but as I said this is a sudden and pronounced limp. She had an operation for hip displacia at two years old, and they told me that there was also an issue with one of her front legs but I can't remember which leg, or what exactly it was. I think that it was ligament related, but I;m not sure. She doesn't react when I press on the bump.

Thank you so much for any responses. by tomorrow she will improve, but right now I'm beside myself with worry.
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