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CyberKitten, I dont know how old you are, but I guess ive picked that saying up from todays youth culture. and im sorry if you found it offensive but I think you were a little off the mark with how you interpreted it. the saying "borderline retarded' is used rather like the saying "phat" with a PH. its not supposed to be insultive to people who are mentally challenged as the word retarded is not even used in that context anymore. It was meant to emphasise how stupid these people really are. Its a little like the word dumb was once thought of as insulting. Or how they keep changing the definition of how we address African americans, is it african americans or is it blacks now??
As for your friend who is mentally challenged I have no doubt that she is an excellent pet owner, I dont recall saying anywhere that mentallly challenged people should not own pets. Todays society is so worried about being politically correct to all creeds, races, and ethnicities that they distract from the subject in hand. Do we not all need to take the stick out of our bums and let it go? I apologise if you took my post as offensive and if it bothers you that much i shall change it. However I do think you were a little quick to jump on the soap box with regards to your challenge that I was calling all mentally challenged people bad pet owners.
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