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Originally Posted by CsqU4r3d View Post
Good idea on the nose Barking Dog...Chum gets a band of dry skin across the top of his nose, especially during the winter here in Calgary at high altitude , I will try that. Hazel I would gladly have sent you some of mine this weekend. Thursday I had to shovel the walks and steps 4 times, Friday 3 times Saturday I just said screw it! On Sunday it finally quit snowing so I only had to shovel once! Then on Monday I had to brush about a foot of the stuff off my Tahoe and by then it was above zero and it weighed a ton!! AH the beauty of the Canadian west in winter.
My dog nose never got dried out with the stuff on and I would put a little on my fingers when they got chapped. It is good stuff. I hope we will get some snow this winter not a lot but enough for my dog to play in.
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