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Panleukopenia/parvovirus - arthritis in humans?

I have been fostering a cat and kittens who tested positive for panleukopenia (distemper). 3 of the 5 kittens died but I have nursed the remaining 2 back to health. A couple of weeks ago, when the mother cat also came down with an upper respiratory infection, I started feeling ill too (this is the 2nd time I got sick at the same time as my cat). I joked to my friends that I was coming down with the kitty cat flu. A few days later, one of my fingers became a bit swollen and stiff and now has a small somewhat painful lump on the joint. I went to the doctor to make sure I didn't somehow get scratched and get a bone infection. He said I have arthritis (can't remember which kind though). I have read that there is a form of parvovirus which is very similar to panleuk that can infect humans and cause arthritis. Has anyone else heard of this or had experience with it?
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