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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Thanks for the link Barkingdog. No hazel, they did not check the stool. The vet would have to send to Toronto for that. Here they tend to just de-worm because it is cheaper than sending it away for analysis. I could probably ask for that but honestly think it is not parasites. I was pretty sure she didn't have parasites the last time they sent her stool off but at that time, I went along with everything recommended and in the end she had the The only major issue here is round worms and that would have to come from my dogs eating a small mammal or poop from an infected dog. My other dog likes to eat goose and rabbit poo but there is no worm life cycle that passes through those species to dogs. Her thought was to rule out that rare chance but in reality, it would be extremely unlikely. We have heartworm tests done each year so not concerned about that. I am removing chicken from the diet to see if that helps. Her glands were not full or infected so I still think it could be allergy related. The itchy vulva area is another mystery that I'm not sure would be allergy related as well??? She does have a slightly inverted vulva as well so might be her own urine irritating so was given medicated soap and cream. I think it is hard to get older!
My dog loves to eat rabbit poop. He love to eat it with snow, I call it poopsicle.

Was your dog on antibiotics recently? This can give a dog yeast infection and made her vulva itchy.

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