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Newbie :D

Hi Guys,
Im from New Zealand, with one 3month old female Kitten, Oscar.

my problem is, she bites.. and attacks all the time. i guess its just a natural instinct thing. when you walk by, she will be stalking you from a dark corner and attack your feet. which i can understand as my feet are a moving object.

But even if you are just sitting, watching t.v or with your eyes closed, she will pounce, bite and claw and i dont know what to do. i have growled, moved her to a different room for 5 minutes to calm down (with toys of course) and given her toys to take her attention off attacking us. i took away her catnip mice, and nothing changed there either!!

i was watching animal planet today, and there were kitties on there.. the man was playing with one, saying how energetic she was, i was thinking 'oh my god, if thats what he thinks of that kitten, imagine what he would say of mine..!!

Is it a female cat thing to be hypo? i have heard that it is but i am not sure if there is any truth to it..

Thanks for reading..!!
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