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Thanks Hazel,

It seems to me that the scooting is perhaps associated with an itchy vulva (if that is possible???) as opposed to itchy anal glands. I have been trying to keep a close watch and she still scoots and then licks her vulva area always, not the anal area. Anyways, still haven't given the drontal. Today it looks like she has developed a rash on her vulva and even on the surrounding skin. It is not raised at all but just small red spots. I hope that this may be the end of whatever the problem is. I have continued to feed a fish diet (cod, sole, basa, herring, sardines) with veggies in hopes that if it was an allergy it would subside. My vet doesn't seem to know what the problem could be and suggested maybe urine was getting trapped because her vulva is inverted but I don't know why that would cause the rash on the surrounding skin.
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