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Update Sat Nov 10th!!

May have to change Mels name---as we named her Mel--short for Mellow! But she is no longer Mellow!! Doing our best to keep her quiet, since she was only Spayed on Monday. For the most part she remains mellow, but she really wants to run!! And with those long skinny legs, she looks like a young colt (well fawn in her case) running!!
Once she is back to normal and off all meds we will try to find her a new home. With this extra animal, it has caused my wifes allergies to act up! And I don't use the allergy excuse in vain--as I know many people just give up animals and make up the "allergy"
Any of you canucks that would make a great parents--let me know, I would be happy to ship her to you at my cost!! She is an awesome dog!! Maybe around a year old--and NOT one accident in the house!! has not chewed anything either. She slept with me last night for awhile under the covers!! She is just a very grateful dog!!
And don't forget to take some time tomorrow to remember all the VETS that fought for our freedom. Freedom is not free!!
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