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Well some good news atleast.

All blood tests, liver function, kidney, basic blood counts, etc, came back normal. She did have fairly elevated - I think it was - CK (or CPK) levels. The vet said something about it being something to do with muscle enzymes... possibly elevated from vomiting. I read somewhere that it has something to do with muscle damage. Anyone know more about that?

Anyways, Maggie is still pretty lifeless. I gave her quite a bit more food at the last meal, she ate it and went back to sleep. The vet said she might have had a significant case of gastroenteritis, and may be dribbling urine because she's weak from being sick. I have to go back on Tuesday with her, so if she cant handle some kibble by then, or can and is still not pooping, they'll look at the possibility of something like a blockage or other things. I'm glad they can rule out some pretty major things with the blood work though - a few years ago she was having problems with liver and kidney enzymes, and they are good now.

I can start adding kibble to the wet food tomorrow morning. Problem is, I put a few pieces in my hand to see if she wanted them, and she still doesn't.

Anyways, thanks for all of the responses, and listening to my panicking over my poor old dog. She means the world to me. I know there's no guarantee on how long any dog, or even person gets to live, but I'd like a few more years atleast. Even if it does mean she gets even more lumpy and bumpy, and even a little more smelly (phew, that breath!). As long as she's happy and healthy.
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