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You would be AMAZED how many people have no idea why we would call a cat "Dr. Seuss". (Also, if you watch Dr. Who, my brother and I have fun referring to him as "The Doctor".)
MooBoots got his name because of a disagreement. My brother thought he looked like a cow, and insisted on calling him Moo, and Dad thought Boots for those extra white paws was better. Neither would give in, so MooBoots ended up with both.
Dr. Seuss~DLH (brother's cat)~June 2007-
Misty~DSH (my cat & Mooby's mom)-?- Sept. 15, 2014
MooBoots(Mooby) ~ DMH(Mom's cat)~July 21, 2008-
Sunshine~ Golden retriever X white german sheperd (Dad's dog)~October 24, 2008-
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