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Still waiting on the blood work.

It was a long night. I'm not so sure the vet is right about it being pancreatitis, but we'll have to wait and see what the results say. She doesn't really seem to be in pain... although she doesn't automatically roll over for belly rubs anymore. She's just kind of lifeless, outside of the fact she now wants food.

I bought her a new bed, and put a large towel over it incase she didn't feel well. Ofcourse you know the first thing she does when Im not looking is rub her face all over it, causing the irritation on her nose to bleed. I also found a bunch of droplets all over the pillow and floor. When I mopped them up with paper towel, it was clearly urine. I think she might be accidentally dribbling.

I feel so bad. She's clearly now at a point of being frantically hungry, that I've had to feed her by hand to stop her from gobbling the small amounts the vet has told me to give her. She only had a can of food yesterday, and technically she should be having 3.5 - 4 cans. I've upped the amount this morning... she wasn't sick at all yesterday, although I did hear a gurgle or two.

She's not drinking as much as I'd like her to. Only half of her big bowl of water is gone, and normally she goes through a bowl and a half a day. I'm not sure if that has to do with the fact she's now eating wet food. I can't really tell how much she's peeing, and she hasn't had a poop since Wednesday (the 7th). I don't know if that's because she's getting to eat so little, because of the food change, because of the shot they gave her to stop the vomiting - or something worse.

This is horribly stressful.
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