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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Mags seems better this morning, but still not herself.

I ended up taking her to the vet in the afternoon, after she continued to vomit, and then started falling down here and there. It was really strange because she'd perk back up, then go back to sleep out of nowhere.

The vet thinks it's acute pancreatitis. She was also pretty dehydrated. They were going to keep her for a few days, but she was stable enough by then, and to be honest, with the cost, and some other factors (long story) I felt it was best to bring her home.

She's had bloodwork done, had Sub-Q fluid shots, medication to stop the vomiting, and been put on a low fat wet food, which I was able to start this morning. Poor bugger seems hungry now, but I was told to only give her a small amount every two hours. I'm not crazy about feeding her Science Diet anything.. but for a few days I figure it wont kill her, atleast until I can find a good alternative.

We'll know more when the blood work comes in (checking for both toxicity and factors related to possible health problems).

@Growler, hm, good question. I think she's been on this bag of food for atleast 2 weeks. She normally loves this kibble, but wouldn't even touch it. The little sample food was one that was new, but she wanted to eat it. Unfortunately that didn't stay down either

@hazelrunpack I asked about her nose, and the vet thought that she was just pawing at her nose, and maybe made it sore. He ddn't seem to think much of it. It looks a bit better today, but I have to wonder if it's an allergy thing. Mind you, I wouldn't think food with duck as the protien source would be a common allergen. I noticed that she also has a sore looking ear. I suppose when we go for our follow-up, I'll ask about it again.
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