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Thanks Barkingdog, he doesn't sleep in bed with us as he has his own bed in the livingroom and we started putting stuff on the couches so he couldn't jump up on them so the only up and down he gets to do is going up about 6 stairs to go outside. I'm pretty sure it has to do with his leg/knee because if I massage it it seems to make it feel better quicker when he gets up.

MaxaLisa: I actually was signed up for that group when his leg first started bothering him back in February/March. I've read a lot on what other people have done and so far his leg is still bothering him despite making him take it easy.

It's actually been pretty lame the past two or three days. I suspect the cause is from a little playing he did at my friend's place who also has a dog. They were playing in the livingroom for maybe 10 minutes before I seperated them and his leg has been noticebly sore since

We have an appointment with the vet next week so we are going to discuss purchasing a brace for him.
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