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Just wanted to post a quicky here to thank you guys for turning me on to raw! It's been almost a week now and I am pudding poop free with both my kittens!

Starting them off was not that easy... my female kitten prefers the rabbit to the chicken but even to start her on rabbit it took me having to mix a quarter of a can of their regular food. Both eat rabbit now without the canned and I hope to be able to say the same of the chicken on their next tub!

They are just thriving on the food and I sometimes feel like I can't feed them enough! 1lb tub is gone in 3 meals! And they LOVE it!

I am hoping to try following Dr. P's recipe and make my own. Already spoke to a local butcher who does carry rabbit but sells frozen. I asked if they would call me when they get a new shipment of fresh in to sell me before freezing. So now I have to start collecting all the additional ingredients (vitamins and such) so that she can call me when she is ready! I am super happy!

Thanks again!
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