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Originally Posted by raingirl
I would say no because the first two ingredients are chicken meal and ground corn.

Dogs cannot digest corn I'm pretty sure.
Techni cal is a good quality middle range dog-food. It's not on the same level as Solid Gold or Wysong but not everyone can afford the high end stuff.

Chicken meal can be fine depending on the type of chicken parts used.

Although corn CAN be an allergen for some dogs. It is highly digestible when ground before use and is just fine, just not quite as digestible as rice. Ground corn is a good quality source of carbohydrates. And, because it includes the entire corn kernel, it contributes additional protein, corn oil, corn bran and vitamins and minerals to the diet.

Here's a summary and link to a study on whole ground corn use in dogfood.

Sorghum and corn show promise as dog food
Rice is commonly used in premium Australian dog foods because it is highly digestible and hypoallergenic. However, sorghum and corn are available and are much less expensive.
Faecal nutrient digestibility of diets containing rice, sorghum and corn, plus the associated faecal quality, was investigated. The nutrient digestibilities of the corn and sorghum diets were lower compared with the rice diet, but the differences in digestibility values were five per cent or less.

These small variations in digestibility were considered unlikely to be physiologically important. The dogs on each diet were also judged as having ideal faecal quality - an important factor when consumers judge the quality of a dog food. The Australian researchers concluded that extruded sorghum and corn are good alternatives to rice as the primary cereal grain in dog foods.

Twomey LN, Pethick DW, Rowe JB et al. J Nutr 2002; 132(6 Suppl 2): 1704S-1705S.

Corn is/has been a staple for many types of animals and many societies.

My dogs are both on Acana which has human grade ingredients that has whole grain ground corn and whole grain rice in it and they both do amazing on it. It's made here in Alberta and it's a great product!!

It's a myth that corn is bad for dogs.

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