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Fantastic! Main show was close to 2.5 hours, with intermission... we had the VIP tix for the Q&A afterward, so it ran over three hours for us. He packed a lot of great stuff into it, brought in several local volunteers and their dogs to give some real-life examples of his... I hesitate to say "technique", because what he really espouses is more foundational than techniques; it's almost a philosophy.

The thing is, it works as well in real life as you see on the show. Granted, none of the dogs he brought on stage were the extreme cases they use for the show, but he uses the same principles and they work just as well: Person brings in "problem" dog, the "problem" is demonstrated with the dog's handler, Cesar points out where the person is sending the dog the wrong message through their body language and "energy", Cesar demonstrates with the dog behaving perfectly on the first go... then the dog's owner demonstrates with a far less "troublesome" dog. There's no training in between, nothing done to the dog... in every case, it's quite clear how it's the handler's state of mind that makes almost all the difference.

And yeah, they actually ran the South Park episode with him during the intermission. Always great to see when a celebrity knows how to NOT take himself too seriously

If you haven't seen it:
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