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Allergy problem? Drontal plus safety?

I posted a previous thread about my dog who has been diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma. She has also been having trouble with an itchy rear and vulva area. She licks her skin around her vulva area and the vulva itself as well as around the anal area. She also scoots a lot which is why I thought it was an anal gland issue since she has had problems in the past but when the vet came she said they were not that full. The only thing I can think of is some sort of allergy but this may be hard to figure out. Right now I am cooking for her - mainly chicken based so should I change to a different protein like whitefish? The other thing the vet gave was drontal de-wormer just to rule out parasites but I was worried about giving any kind of chemical medication since she has a nasal tumor. Does anyone know if drontal plus is safe. I am to give 2.5 tablets and another 2.5 tablets in 10 days.
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