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New Discovery ~ LASER

I was researching online and came across this string over the last few days of doing my own online research... My cat has a lot of the same or similar issues as stated here. He first wasn't walking with his tail upright, then he wanted to be next to me, and was shaking. Rapidly, he stopped walking and didn't want to use his hind legs. He was in obvious pain and let me know. Took him to vet, then emergency vet, etc. X-Rays, blood work, antibiotics, prednisone, pain meds, enema, etc... was performed. I added in more supplements, he eats a fabulous diet...Nobody could find anything wrong. He was in pain constantly, crying whenever he had to move. I had to bring him food and water, he would eat. He would drag himself to the litterbox which I set his petbed next to, when I couldn't lift him to it when I wasn't home.

Then, my primary vet wanted to use a laser. I would try anything at this point, it was awful to hear him cry with pain, and see him like that. As long as he didn't walk on his hind legs, he was okay laying on his side. So, he had a few minutes of laser across his mid to lower spine area. I packed him up and brought him home to his petbed. They were suspecting some kind of trauma or injury to spine area which affected legs... I will try anything!

When I opened the crate, he walked out, walked around (kind of fumbling a little) and seemed bright, happy, meowing with joy and chatty with me. He sat down, then got up went to his litterbox to use it, then walked around me for a few, then went to his bed to lay down. I am blown away! Who knew? I wanted to make sure I got the word out, as I was stumped at what was wrong with him and nothing helped him. He is still uncomfortable, and I have several more appointments for laser. It's obvious he now has some kind of injury which could take weeks and weeks to heal up. The laser I believe from what I saw today will help and assist with moving along his healing.

I want to be sure that I registered so I could post to this forum, to bring awareness that this is one more thing to possibly ask your vet or try! I have HOPE and I am happy!!! We'll see over the coming weeks!
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