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I hope you do not mind me saying this but the puppy is not the one that is "slow in the head" , if anyone is it your roommate. They're teaching the puppy it is OK to pee on a sheet and once that puppy get big enough it will think it OK to pee in bed too. A sheet is not going to keep the urine off the floor, you can buy training pad for puppies and this will keep the from getting pee on it. There are products that will get rid of the smell of the urine, it will not do any good to try and cover up the smell of urine up as the dogs will still be able to smell urine and pee on it. This is not the dog fault at all , the owner need to get rid of the smell on the floor or the puppy will keep peeing on it. The puppy is being trained to pee in the house and the others dog now think it OK too.
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