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vomiting after eating, yet okay before and after

My cat Simba, who as returned to my life after being found on the street in a town hour or so from the city, has been vomiting one to two hours after each time he eats. He looks and is okay before and after, even wanting to eat and drink after vomiting.

Been like this for last few days, and base on what I read and understand, nothing serious at present yet may have worms or parasites, hence was suggested vermifuge/wormer?. Reading up on alternatives I can do, while looking into a good yet affordable vets.

At present time, what left of my budget already spent on getting the essentials for Simba, and force to wait another week and half before I can pay for him to get checked out at a vet. Do not like the idea of Simba requiring to stay in that state for that long, so any suggestions to help him in the meantime would be great, and experiences with alternate home solutions.
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