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Dog being picky with food, some vomitting

Just to start, I am taking him to the vet on Monday or to an emerg vet if I get very concerned.

Dagan's symptoms started around two weeks ago, I was away when all of this started happening unfortunately, my roommate was taking care of him. I work at a daycare/boarding place so our 3 dogs were there for a few nights then the roommate picked the dogs up. He was getting sick, diarrhea and vomiting in the few days after, that passed then he stopped eating his dry food, so the roomie tried a few different things, she added wet food, added pumpkin puree, tried rice and even tried a cheap dry food. He would eat here and there but not regularly. We thought either he picked up something at the kennel or was depressed because I was upset when I left, was out of town for a funeral, if that's even possible for them to understand that. Anyways, I came back and he wouldn't eat the usual dry food he'd been on for the longest time so I went out the next day and bought some chicken raw food, which they'd been on in the past, he ate it for the first 3 days, didn't vomit or anything. Then he wouldn't eat the 4th night but ate in the morning and by that time I was out food so I decided to pick up beef instead since he was losing interest. He ate that straight away for the past 2 days until today! Today he won't touch it. I've tried a few different things to get something in his belly but he turns his nose up to everything, even apples, which is favourite. And now he's throwing up yellow bile.

Since I have been back I immediately noticed he lost weight, which is to be expected, and he hasn't had the same energy level. Usually him and the other 2 dogs are wrestling and running and carrying on but this last week it's been lacking and that's with him eating. I'm kind of lost for what to do other than taking him to the vet.
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