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How to train a forgetful dog

First things first, I personally do not own a dog. My roommates however own three of them. This is actually a two part question. One about the dog and one about cleaning up after dogs.
One of them is quite well behaved and barely causes trouble except for when he barks at people entering the house. But that's fine.
One of them is a new puppy that they just got from their dad and so he's in the middle of being trained where to go to the bathroom.
The third one is the issue. More or less, he is a little slow in the head. My roommates have the new puppy going to the bathroom on sheets and for the most part he's done ok. But as a result the floor needs to be washed constantly to clean where to sheets were laying.
My roommates have been using antibacterial floor cleaner, but the smell of dog pee lingers in the entire house and there's a grimy feeling on the floor as is the pee has just been spread all over the place.
Since this has happened, the third dog has begun peeing in random places around the house. In the middle of the floor, against boxes, everywhere and it's really getting on my nerves. I should add that there is a dog door on the back door and he can go outside anytime that he wants.
How on earth can I help train this dog to stop peeing or even marking inside the house with the new puppy around? Keep in mind this dog is slower in the head. He's quite forgetful sometimes. Any advice would be great.
And the second question is how can I advise my roommates to get rid of both the dog pee smell and the grimy feeling on the floor? I've tried to tell my roommates to get a mop with disposable one time heads/sheets like the swiffer wet jet but one of them is convinced by the internet rumor that swiffer wet jet is harmful to her pets. She's stubborn and will not budge on that front. But the fact that they use the same mop every single time they clean the floor leads me to believe that's the major cause of this.

Thank you to anyone that can help.
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