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Hi gtblair, We have two shepherds 1 female (13yrs in Dec) and 1 male (5yrs). Shepherds are very loyal and will look for you at all times and follow you around. As people say they are also very intelligent and really like to be given things to do and enjoy tasks or training and games. They do naturally pace when getting bored and you can often see this. Our older dog the female does the same as your dog is doing in licking that starts out as licking paw then proceeding onto her bedding but this we believe to be due to the fact that she is now in old age and has arthritis which means she spends a lot of time laid on her bed. We make sure our dogs are walked at least twice a day for roughly 2hrs total and the younger one will get more at times on his own as the elder one can't make it these days. From Mon to Thurs both dogs are left for 6hrs a day so the walks hopefully make up for the time they spend on their own in house. We have two great companions who are both happy and get on well together with no destructive behaviour through boredom. Never yell at a dog all that is needed is quiet calm instructions in simple words. Good luck with your GSD enjoy her and you will find her to be a true friend.
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