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Originally Posted by gtblair View Post
Thanks everyone,

- are these dogs walked daily?
- Has the GSD been obedience trained?
- You say the GSD follows u everywhere - how often does she follow u everywhere? Do you work from home?
- when the dog whines, what do you do?

-Not every day but I do take them to dog parks and rivers where they can go nuts at least a couple of times a week.
-Dont know about obediece training on previous owners part, we havent, she is very obedient for me.
-When Im home she follows me around, I take her if I go somewhere in the car.
-I talk to her or sometimes yell at her to be quiet as it gets really annoying.
It does not help to yell at any pet and it not the right way to get a dog to stop barking . She could be hearing something outside and trying to protect you too, GSD are very protected of their famliy .
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