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Originally Posted by gtblair View Post
Thanks everyone,

- are these dogs walked daily?
- Has the GSD been obedience trained?
- You say the GSD follows u everywhere - how often does she follow u everywhere? Do you work from home?
- when the dog whines, what do you do?

1-Not every day but I do take them to dog parks and rivers where they can go nuts at least a couple of times a week.
2-Dont know about obediece training on previous owners part, we havent, she is very obedient for me.
3-When Im home she follows me around, I take her if I go somewhere in the car.
4-I talk to her or sometimes yell at her to be quiet as it gets really annoying.
Okay then - here's an opinion on how u might try to make things better

1 - I know we all try to do as much as we can, but these dogs need daily exercise. Going nuts a couple of times a week is great and certainly better than nothing, but imo, this is not enough physical or mental stimulation. The dog may well be whining to get more interaction from you. The dog sounds bored to me and many bad behaviours occur when dogs are bored. Not sure what type of budget or time restrictions you have but hiring someone or actually doing an hour's worth (or more) of daily strenuous exercise can only help in this case....

2 - With respect, to me it sounds like , no this dog doesn't have the basics.
If she were obedient she would stop whining when you ask her to. I would HIGHLY recommend some group obedience training for this dog. That too will only help in this case....and a good trainer can provide LOADS of tips for your particular case.

3 - This question wasn't fully answered. I'm basically asking how many hours each day is the dog alone.....because this will lead to problems if the dog feels bored and anxious. To me this dog sounds like it is too clingy, very bored and likely suffering from separation anxiety. (I have a podcast coming out in 48 hours that has some tips on how to address this).

4 - For me this is likely behavioural and it sound like you are rewarding the bad behaviour. Often any type of interaction is a reward. (eye contact, talking, yelling is engagement and is rewarding to many dogs) I'd say tips from an obedience trainer will be gold here as well.

If you do get her some training please make sure the recommendation comes from someone you trust. Glad you are also going to see a vet. Please ask the vet these same questions for an additional opinion.

Hope that may help and thanks for adopting!
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