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DD we have fun at work usually. Some years not so much but I try to do it. Ya have to have a sense of humor. We usually have a potluck lunch and have a meeting at the same time so it is productive..well except for those dressed like a banana One time a number of years ago everyone in costume would parade through the building showing off their costumes while everyone that didnt dress up laughed at them!

My friend has a great sense of humor. The first thing he ever said to me was "So what do you think of short, bald, blind men"? I was like huh? I didnt really clue in at first. We had a laugh and have been good friends since. I helped him adopt his beautiful dog Zoey and she is a doll. He has weird jokes though DD!

I gave him another break today and took the costume off on the way home. After all it would have been daylight..

The good thing about the whole day was I made a TON of people laugh!
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