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It was 8 gardens in the district, Hazel, to raise money for the Soldiers Memorial Park I think. I didn't see the notice about it till Friday and just didn't think about how much petrol I had in the wagon. DD, if you think that's bad, no gas stations being open, you'd worry if you accompanied me home from the weekend dog shows I used to do in South Australia. Pitch dark and for the majority of the way no house lights or even car lights, if you broke down you wouldn't know which direction to walk for help, as in where would the closest farmhouse be , they are BIG properties over that way. Very doubtful, back then, if you'd get reception on your mobile. Certainly no chance of finding anywhere to buy something to eat. As I said to a guy at the Open Gardens, 'Deadsville'. It was money well spent, Barkingdog, I agree. Lovely weather, beautiful flowers, like minded people to talk to, it doesn't get better.
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