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Sorry Barkingdog I just saw this thread. Yes it is possible that a coyote will take your small dog. We used to have a member on the board with a Rottie and one coyote would come in the yard to play with the dog and then lure him into the bushes. When her dog would go to play with the coyote in the bushes other coyotes were waiting for him to attack him. Several times he came back covered in bites. Fortunately he was large enough to fend them off. They are clever animals, and if their natural food source is missing a dog or cat is certainly within their food program. I encounter them regularly when walking Halo in the mornings, but the ones in my area tend to ignore us or cross the road if they see us coming, we live near a lake with a large duck and goose population so they go there to feed. I would be cautious when going out with Marty and keep him on a leash, and I would have a stick with me to defend myself if necessary. I would also call ACO and let them know so they have record of it.
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