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Originally Posted by gtblair View Post
Hi all,
I have 2 dogs, a boxer x choc lab who we have had since a pup, and a german shepard bitch who is 4 , we have had her for 18 months. The boxer is a really happy dog, the shepard is a funny girl. We got her after the christchurch earthquakes in febuary. Her owner got killed in the quake and she was left to stroll the streets until the SPCA picked her up, then we adopted her. She has settled in well really.

Problem one: She constantly whines and is anxious alot. She is my best mate and follows me everywhere. But the whining really gets annoying!

Problem two: She starts out licking her rear paw while laying down then moves onto licking her bed, which can go on for awhile!

I take them for big runs at least twice a week and they get lots of toys and love etc. I think maybe she needs a job to do, a purpose, as she is very clever and loves to please.

What do you think?
Maybe your dog has an allergy , has this been ruled out?
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