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I want this yellow and white iris. You can see how, in the last photo, it goes from paradise to just open farmland, no wonder gardeners try and hide inside their gardens. LOL. Well, that's it. I didn't take any photo's at the first garden and the second one, while having lots of plants, was so young that it was hardly worth looking at. One other farm garden just did nothing for me. DD, it took me exactly 3 hours to scoot around those gardens. I had to miss the last one because I had to go home to carry Silk outside to toilet, and also, because a trip out to the last garden was another 30 kilometres I was at risk of being very short of petrol. No service stations open in small towns here on the weekends, and as for Silkie, you have to get your priorities right, don't you? Her callous has improved and some sport tape around the leg is allowing her to walk again, but the longer I give her a hand the better off she will be.
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