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tuxedo cat chateauguay

Thank you so much for the kind words.
I have him up on facebook, petluck and craigslist so far I am going to put him on as many as I can to help him.
I wish I knew if he was ok. He seems ok, I ran a flea brush through him and he seemed clean, inside his mouth though i seen some red spots so I am not sure what that could mean, he has a healthy appetite and he likes to be loved and held.
Since he is fixed I am sure he was someone's pet at some point. I just don't know enough about his health to bring him in just yet.
I am worried about this storm coming and I know that if by then I don't have a home for him I will find a way to bring him in , even if he has to remain in isolation for the duration I will make sure he is cared for.
For now he has a ton of patio furniture to sit on and we've made a makeshift home outside under our porch for him to shelter from wind and rain , we put a big comfy lawn chair there and blankets as well as pillows, clean food and water as well.
We are praying someone is missing this sweet darling.
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