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We got our results today. The cancer is a basil carcinoma. It is in the nasal area and is glandular in origin so they were calling it a nasoadenocarcinoma. It is on the left side and x-rays showed something in the left lung. They did flush some fluid into the lung to see if they could get any cells but there were none. It could be some pnuemonia or cancer that has spread to the lung but they are not 100% certain. The doxycycline has really helped I think. At this point she is not wheezing and can eat and drink without making terrible sounds. She is also sleeping better so I think some of the inflammation has subsided. At this point, she just has what sounds like a stuffy nose.

We could travel to take her for radiation but the odds of that doing much were pretty low. Chemotherapy is another option but I think that sounded even less likely to improve the situation.

We can think about those options but for right now our main goal is continue with a good diet and add in the supplements and vitamins I think might help.

Right now she is still happy so I am thankful for that. She doesn't appear to be in any pain and has bursts of energy where she grabs all her toys and howls at us to play.

It's just hard to think about this type of thing in her nose. Not the kind of cancer I would have ever imagined one of my dogs to get.
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