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Dear sugarcatmom, thank you so much!

I think I will follow your suggestion and will see if it will bring some improvements - will report in about a week. May be he will feel more likely to communicate with us if he does not feel like he is under attention all the time.
His name is Mozart.

As far as his feeding goes, I use high quality dry food, but I mix it with a good amount of water, and he gets his meals 3 times a day, plus he has some dry out just in case. The reason I do this is because he does not tolerate ANY other food, even in miniscule amounts. I gave him a spoon of wet food once, and he had 3 bouts of diarrhea, and I could tell he was sick. Bengals have very sensitive for now I quit experiments and make sure he gets water via dry food soaking. So yes, he knows who is bringing him food quite well))) I also was giving him some healthy snacks initially when he would not let us approach him, it helped too to some extent. Now he is just waiting as he knows it is coming)))).
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