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Love4himies - Thank you for these links!

I have been reading DrPierson's site and I think I am ready to switch over to raw!

I did speak to a commercial reseller of the raw food diets in my area and was told that they have raw food for cats and dogs (same package) which confused me a bit because I was always under the belief that cats and dogs had different dietary needs. They have raw beef, lamb, bison and chicken... they used to carry rabit, but that is apparently on back order due to a shortage in rabbit.

I don't feel confortable making my own yet! I would like to try and buy commercial until I am confortable enough to make my own and get into the initial expense of doing so. I do have a meat grinder as I currently grind my own beef, but I am not sure if i could grind bone with it as the machines insides are a hard plastic not metal.

One thing the seller did also mention was that I need to completely bring them off dry and canned... is this something that I would do as a hard stop?
Being that I just switched their dry food and took them off the boiled chicken he suggested I wait a couple weeks wefore doing the switch.

So two questions:

Besides the chicken diet... is beef, lamb, bison ok to offer as a meal to my cats? I have only really ever seen references to Chicken and Rabit for cats

When putting a cat on a raw diet... am i totally stopping all other foods such as dry? My guys seem to eat alot of the dry stuff (about a cup and a half a day between the two and they were getting chicken in the morning and at dinner time), so I am wondering if the just raw will satisfy them.
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