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A Coyote Came Right my Dog Tonight!!

I was in my backyard trying to get Marty to pee before going to bed and when I looked down at my dog a coyote was sniffing Marty rear end! I screamed my head off and the the coyote ran off. I was shaking when I got back in the house. Marty did do anything when the coyote was right near him, my dog did start barking after I screamed . I am really concerned as the coyote did not have any fear of me to had gotten so close to us. I am thinking of calling the cops or ACO as I do not feel safe taking my dog out at night and I have seen the coyote during the day time too. The coyote was very thin looking and it has to been checking my dog out for a meal! I did not mind the coyote living so close to my home but now I am freaked out about it. I knew the wildlife where losing their fear of people but I did not think it would get this close to me , I could had touch the coyote's head that how close it was to my dog and me!
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