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Ummmm you may want to tell your "breeder" that cats are carnivores and their diet should be all meat protein/bones, no corn, wheat, vegtables, or soy gluten.

Was it your vet that said raw was great? If so, that's a great vet! And is the only way your cats will get their nutrition by natural means (in other words the way nature intended them to).

BOTH cats should be on a properly prepared raw diet, don't know why she feels a male cat has different nutritional needs???? , they are the same species.

You are right, ditch dry food!

Here is my favourite website (you may have already seen this one), but it's the one I listen to:

And another one:

My cats get a mix of homemade raw and canned:

My fav foods are:

Nature's Variety Instinct canned
Hounds & Gatos canned

Wellness grainfree canned
Wellness does have potatoes in it that can be irritating to some cat's colon.


Nature's Variety has a great selection of single source proteins that you may want to try your kitties one. They may have a sensitivity to chicken/beef or fish.
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