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Originally Posted by Lala View Post
Do you guys think I should be persistent, approach him, touch him, pet him, or should I just ignore him?
What's the little guy's name, by the way?

My opinion (and I'm sure there are those with a different approach that may be equally effective) is to let him come to you. Hang out in the same room with him, keep interacting with him using wand or fishing-rod style toys, randomly toss him treats (preferably healthier ones like 100% freeze-dried meat - Purebites, Halo Liv-a-Littles or Whole Life for example), and talk to him a lot. But I personally wouldn't force too much physical contact on him until he feels more comfortable and seeks it out himself. I've had the pleasure of transforming a couple of feral kitties into total love-bugs and I found the best way is to just go at their pace. They'll let you know when they're ready for more.

There is one more thing that could help. What do you feed your kitty? Does he have specific meal times or is he free-fed? If he's on the unlimited kibble plan, you might want to consider switching (gradually, so as not to cause him more stress) to regularly scheduled meals of wet food. He will start to associate you with food, and food makes cats happy, and therefore YOU will make him happy. If you need any tips on changing his diet, let me know.
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