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Thank you so much for support !

Yes, we got the Feliway deffuser on about day 4 - and I think it helped because the kitty started to purr and would let us pet her - and it was a big progress.

I was actually smiling about the DU story! Down under is a funny nickname for a cat! We are hanging in there, and will work further with the cat, but I have to admit it is very hard emotionally. Mostly because we understand that our kitty is unhappy in our home, and feels threatened. For the last days he started to go out of his safe room (our bedroom), so he is not DU anymore). However, he will be anywhere, as long as we are not around. Now he leaves bedroom at night, day and night because I am there. He will let me come to him and touch him, but he will stay away from me if he has an option. It is hard, and I am afraid that we are not bonding....

Do you guys think I should be persistent, approach him, touch him, pet him, or should I just ignore him?

Thank you so much again, support really helps...
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