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Red face Zorba and Harley my boys

I have to handsome males I love deeply Dogs. Now here it is I almost put one of my boys down. The day would have been October 24, I decided to do an experiment as he was haven constant pooing issues. Someone from this site puts pull ups on their elderly dog so I did the same. This is what I have discovered and now am no longer going to give it to him. I was giving him fish oil in gel caplet form this had been causing him to poo no matter what. At first I tried not feeding him to much but that did not work. This fish oil acted like a laxative for himm even though his stools were hard everything he ate just went thru is intestine. So NO longer am I going to give him these as this upsets him greatly because he does not understand how come I am pooing, thankfully he had on pull ups and thankfully mommy discovered the issue. I decided two day ago that I would not put him down because all of us who have a pet understands their body language and when they talk to us with their eyes and he kept on saying to me mommy I am not ready and thank G-d I listened to him. I love my boys more than any human on this planet
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