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Angry Proposed Montreal Bylaw

The city of Montreal needs to call in outside experts from the other provinces and the United States. As long as they don't deal with the source of the problem (selling of unsterilized pets in pet stores and over the internet) this problem of abondoned pets will continue. This bylaw also proposes putting a limit (2 dogs and 2 cats) on the number of pets permitted per private dwelling. Many responsible pet owners are able to handle more than the four pet maximum in their "private" dwellings. If these pets become a nuisance to the neighbors, then this problem can be dealt with under existing nuisance bylaws. The SPCA Montreal is also against placing a limit on pet ownership. Someone has to take in the abondoned stray animals and keep them out of the neighbors' gardens. Then there is the proposed licensing fees for cats. This extra cost will only discourage people from taking in stray cats and may lead to some people abondoning their pets. We, the people, who take in abondoned cats, sterilize them, keep them indoors and provide them with loving forever homes are not part of the problem but rather are part of the solution. The government is part of the problem for refusing to deal with the source of the problem. No mention of whether this proposed bylaw will contain a grandfather clause. Imagine a government official telling you that you have to give up one of your pets. It would be better that they give the twenty three million dollars to local SPCA'S and vet clinics to provide for low cost spay/neuter and trap/release programs in the local municipalities. Now if we could come up with a politician control bylaw to deal with our major corruption problems.
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