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Thyroid issues in cats?

Hey All

Tabitha went to the vet on Monday just for general check up.

She is 17 yrs old now and starting to show some signs of age affecting her. I noticed that she has had a little bit of difficulty when she tries to jump up onto the couch or to a higher location...Sometimes she falls or doesnt quite make it. She has never hurt herself but it has me worried sometimes.

The vet checked her over and her heart seems fine and her blood pressure. Her coat looks great and her teeth (she still has all of them) were pretty good just a little bit of plaque near the back.

The bad thing is she has lost 1/2 pound. The vet thinks maybe her thyroid is acting up or she is having some renal issues again.

She now weighs 5 1/2 pounds

Since she had blood work done a few months ago and nothing stood out to indicate problems we are going to wait for 2 months and bring her back in for a weight check and determine what needs to happen at that time.

The vet gave her a B12 shot again which seemed to help her last year as far as her energy level.

Does anyone else have a kitty with a thyroid issues? I am assuming that this is a natural part of the aging process ??

Any info would be appreciated!

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