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Originally Posted by jrahman View Post
While our 11 month dog (border collie and husky mix) was playing with our bed pillow (one of his favourite stuffs to chew) my wife pulled the pillow from his mouth and got a bite on her left upper arm. Our dog never bites (which we trained him since day 1) so it was accidental bite while he was wrestling not to release the pillow.

The bite resulted a little bleeding locally (may be less than a drop or so) on my wife's arm. Even though our dog has been vaccinated for Rabies and others as listed below, is there any health concern from this biting ?

Vaccination done so far:
1. Distemper
2. Hepatitis (CAV-2)
3. Parainfluenza
4. Leptospirosis
5. Parvovirus
6. Rabies (next Rabies vaccination due March, 03, 2013)
7. Bordetella

Thanks for answer.
When I was on the job as a health aide one of my client cat bit my ankle and broke my skin , I had to go the ER and get a tetanus vaccine .
The bite was very small but it drew blood .
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