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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced a soft palate mass. Our 12 year old husky X had an endoscope yesterday to reveal a soft palate mass that was very inflamed. It was difficult to determine how extensive it was with all the swelling and so needle biopsies were taken through the roof of the mouth and should get results in 5 days. X-rays showed some pneumonia in the left lung as well. The mass is on the left side so probably related. Our dog is not breathing well, especially at night. Her nose sounds stuffy but she is eating well and on antibiotics now. We were hoping that this was just a simple polyp that could be easily removed but are so sad to learn it is likely a tumor. We hope to learn in the next few days if there are any treatment options? If anyone has experience or advice about this I am just trying to learn more.
Hi SuperWanda! I'm sorry you're having more issues with beautiful Timber. I don't have any advice on this particular tumor, but I do know what you're going through. Thorin's tumor was in his lung. We drove him down to Washington and had it removed, then went through a couple rounds of Chemo and another surgery to remove a couple of masses from the back of his neck/shoulder area. We had him for a little over a year after the diagnosis (he was 12, so he lived a pretty long life for a Malamute). People always ask why we would put him through chemo, and my answer is easy... we loved him. I hope and pray that Timbers is benign. But if not, please consider all your options and do some research. A lot of people rule chemo out at the first mention of it, and I was one of those... until our vet explained how it works in dogs. I don't regret anything we did for Thorin. It gave us more than a year with our sweet baby. If you have questions on the chemo, please ask

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