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Thank you hazelrunpack and MaxaLisa,

Glad to see some familiar forum dwellers still here!

Hopefully we will know more about what kind of tumor this is soon. She has never had a lyme vaccine so no correlation there and she hasn't been vaccinated at all since she was sick with the anaplasmosis.

I am giving turmeric capsules which contain 95% curcumin. 300mg twice a day. Have no idea if it will help? I don't think it will hurt. It comforts me to know that a dog like Sander can survive with cancer to the age of 15. I'll have to look at the enzyme therapy you suggested Maxalisa, I'm not familiar with them.

The other thing that is bugging her is itchy female bits which started before the antibiotics. I have anti-bacterial, antifungal cream but it drives her crazy and she licks herself until it is red. Her vulva is slightly inverted. Her urine was tested and no infection so I think it is just external infection and I am having trouble getting that under control. Worried that the antibiotic will make matters worse so she is taking probiotics as well. Poor girl!

Thanks for your kind words, I will keep you posted.
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