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Squealing at my Squeeks has helped stop the biting.

I so hear you on the biting kitty! Squeekers (aka the Squeekmeister, Squeeks Magee, or Dracula, depending on her mood) is a 12 week old Maine Coon. She's normally sweet as can be, and she seemed to learn that claws hurt quite easily (often visitors, including my mom, think she's declawed - she's not, but she's that gentle with the paw). But when it comes to teeth, well, she could give the Vampire Lestat a run for his money in terms of the blood draw factor.

Like many others, my boo and I tried toys to divert her attention (didn't work), blowing in her face (nope, didn't work, either), and flat out ignoring her. Nothing worked.

What did help? Instead of trying to divert her when she gets in a biting mood, I instead squeal as if in horrible pain. What fancy toys couldn't fix (though they do help in tiring her out), a simple, "OW! WHY? AAAAGGGHHH!" did. The first time I cried out in pain like that, Squeeks looked at me sort of startled, like, "Oh. That hurt? My bad." For the time being, it seems to do the trick.
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