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Originally Posted by tezster View Post
Trimming Newton's claws sounds to me like it would be a job that would need danger pay, lol... I can only try petting him when he's sleepy. Otherwise, anytime my hand comes close, he seems to think its playtime and will try to paw/scratch at it. He would need to be near comatose before I could trim his claws.

And yes, he does have a scratching post.

This may sound a little strange, but when I had all 4 cats together, there was a certain balance - they would all play/interact and keep teach other busy. With just Newton and his mom, things are a little off... Newton on his own has so much energy and can be pretty high maintenance at times. He meows a lot and I don't know what he wants, and he can get quite loud.

I miss the two well-behaved kittens!

Have you seen this ad on TV for trimming cats nails? I had a cat that was a little fireball and I never tried to trim his nails. I had the vet to it.
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