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Originally Posted by avykitty View Post
I read a post about older cat who lost weight. I didnt see my cats exact siruation so am reaching out for opinions. Over the last year and a half my cat has been losing weight slowly He looks anorexic now. Last june i took him to the vet for complete bloodwoek. He was normal. Mycats appetite is more like a feeding frenzy.the vet put him on flagyl. He is still the same only like a walking skeleton. He is from the shelter so our best guess of his age is 13-15. He also has decided to start peeing outside of his litter box for the last 6 months. I tried to figure out the problem but now I just givie in and use weewee pads
I think it would be a good idea to bring your cat to a veterinary hospital that has specialists so your cat can get a better diagnose.
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