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Welcome to the board Dankatt, sorry you're having problems with your pup. I think little dogs are way more prone to barking than larger ones are, but that said, my Lab X has a bad habit of barking at everything when we're in the car. When I see her getting ready to bark, or I see something I know she will bark at, I give her a down command. Her brain switches from barking to paying attention to the command I have given her. Down she goes, no barking. When she's settled (and the stimulant has passed) I release her and she's back to looking out the windows. If she's already in full bark I am still able to silence her by making her go into a down. She has not had obedience training unfortunately (she's also 12 years old), but she knows when I tell her to do something she needs to pay attention. Obviously, when I'm driving I can't turn around and correct her, so it's an issue of her willing obedience. To achieve something like this I have to agree with Growler that if you have not already done obedience you should. You want to be able to take her mind off the reason she is barking, or better yet, stop her before it starts, and redirect her to a better choice, even if that is just listening to you and doing as you say. Good luck to you.
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